When choosing a bag, you need to know what dimensions are allowed aboard. How many bags can you take, what should be their weight, and how big your bags can be? Find answers to these common questions below and travel without worries.

  • How big?

When you choose a carry on luggage, make sure you will be able to place it over the seats. Read the airlines rules and measure your carry-on’s height, depth, and width dimensions. You can trust the manufacturer’s description of the certain baggage model but it will be wiser to bring the type measure and do it yourself.

Find out if the airline you have chosen asks for a fee when checks the bag. If you exceed the standards will you have to pay extra? How much?

  • How heavy?

Most USA domestic airlines don’t have any specific rules about the bag’s weight. If you can’t leave your carry-on bag in the overhead compartment due to its weight, you obviously can’t take it aboard. In this case, you surely will be asked to give your bag for check-in.

Most airline companies provide rules on checked luggage weight, so know before storing your bag, otherwise, be prepared to pay a fee once your bag is on the scales. Also, you can find useful tips how to smartly pack your bag without going beyond limits.

  • How many?

Read the rules about the number of checked pieces every air traveller can take. Some budget airlines allow only one item, while others allow a few to be checked and fit in the overhead bin.

  • How much does it cost?

Usually domestic airlines may ask for up to $200 for the heavy weight or large sized bag. Avoid wasting money before choosing the airline if possible.

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